“If you leave me … it is not fair! – know and prevent ” ENG

If you leave me … it is not fair!


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DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT – PRESS RELEASE “If you leave me … it’s not fair! – know and prevent ” is a project that makes cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, long-lasting and sustainable. It is an innovative project proposed and implemented by the Social Promotion Association “Documentation Center on Environmental Conflicts – CDCA Abruzzo” and it covers the entire territory of the Abruzzo Region. The project, lasting a total of  9 months, will end in October 2021. The main objective of the work is to raise awareness among citizens, local authorities, businesses and anyone in the region on the issues of waste management, Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030), climate change and the circular economy, through the implementation of a set of activities aimed at reaching different segments of the population and of the public and private entities.

The project has been financed by the Abruzzo Region with determination n. DPG022 / 17 of 08.02.2021 of the Abruzzo Region – Department for Health and Welfare – Social Programming Service – dpf014, being the assignee of the regional call for “Financing of initiatives and projects of regional importance promoted by voluntary organizations and social promotion associations for the implementation of activities of general interest “.

The project conception started from the cross-analysis of ISTAT data, relating to expenses for waste collection and demographic evolution. The cross-analysis of ISTAT data in the Abruzzo region has allowed us to identify some important interactions. Between 2014 and 2019, the monthly average of the household expenditure for waste collection (Coicop 04.42) in southern Italy grew averagely by 2% per year, going from 20.39 euros to 22.83 euros.

In 2018, in the province of Chieti the percentage of separate waste collection was 69.4% (Source: Urban Waste Report 2019, ISPRA). This is the highest value in the Abruzzo region, with an increase of 16% in the last five years but not without less virtuous values: over 50,000 tons of undifferentiated are handled annually. Furthermore, all irresponsible abandonment of various waste fractions represents a cost for the community which must bear the costs of recovery, disposal and eventual reclamation of the sites. Another weakness that has been noted, is the difficulty of intercultural communication in relation with the correct management of waste from an inclusive point of view regarding linguistic minorities. For this reason, we want to involve voluntary cultural mediators to this end, capable of raising awareness and actively contributing to the success of the project thanks to their belonging to the forein communities. In addition, various materials containing useful informations on wastw management will be translated into the 7 most present foreign languages spoken in Abruzzo.

The project “If you leave me is not fair!” is therefore suitable for responding to these needs[4] . We are well aware that phenomena such as the abandonment of rubbish and the waste of food (but also of energy and water), often depend on daily lifestyles, relating public and private activities. It is essential to receive detailed information in a very intense way and to create awareness on the danger, on the damages and on the economic-social costs ofcertain actions, in order to generate a change in lifestyle and moreover a change in incorrect behavior, regarding all levels of our society. To deal with all these aspects, we will use different communication methodologies: from drafting in-depth dossiers, infographics, video / audio for media diffusion to public meetings and explanations about the project with laboratory activities inside. Various materials will be translated into the 7 most popular foreign languages ​​in the Abruzzo region. Specifically, the faced topics will be: 1. Waste cycle, correct transfer and recycling of goods at the end of their life: the 4 R “; Damage caused by the abandonment of waste in nature and the social, environmental and economic benefits of adopting responsible and sustainable behavior “; 3. “Alternative uses of food – avoid food waste and more”; 4. “Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Circular Economy – responsible behavior to adopt”).

The project, although focused at the entire region, finds its conceptual basis in the Action Plan of the Feltrino River Contract, of which CDCA Abruzzo and ECOLAN spa are subscribers. The added value brought by the latter is decisive in the design and implementation phase of the project activities. The workshop path involves entertainment workers, in order to reduce the difficulties that the Covid 19 pandemic has caused to the category. The professionals involved are all from Abruzzo theater companies, in the people of Marcello Sacerdote, Francesca Camilla D’Amico, Eva Martelli and Cristian Zulli. The audio-video productions will be made by Enzo Testa and the technical – operational support will be guaranteed by Barbara Gammaraccio. Furthermore, always due to a pandemic, the laboratory path will take place remotely and where possible in presence. In view of the realization of the laboratory path, a “competition of ideas” has been launched which will be the subject of one of the 4 laboratory modules whose information is shown in the attached infographic. All the workshop modules will be carried out in September 2021. The project is under construction. It is possible to stay up to date through the social networks and websites of the Association and the Feltrino CdF.

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