Led by Eva Martelli

The workshop will take place ONLINE with a maximum number of 25 participants.


Reservation required at the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0kfuuqrjIsGdEHy3Y9NpzN7eiqj04HYn7G

info at: 3391373486 or 3491357990

In the booking it will be necessary to indicate if you need a linguistic facilitator and for which language between: Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Albanian, Romanian, English and French. It is also possible to have the facility in LIS, always booking and indicating the need.


The workshop lasts 15 hours spreaded into several days listed in the calendar.

  DATE  A CONSUMER’S DAY   Eva Martelli
07/09/21Tuesday18.00 /20.00
09/09/21 Thur.18.00 /20.00
14/09/21Tuesday18.00 /20.00
16/09/21  Thur.18.00 /20.00
21/09/21  Tuesday18.00 /20.00
23/09/21  Thur.18.00 /20.00
28/09/21  Tuesday18.00 /20.00

Dedicated to participants aged 14 and over.

Starting from a model of “participatory theater” that puts the citizen as an actor and engine of a shared cultural experience at the center of the scenic experience, the workshop consists of organizing an organic path of artistic and cultural reflection on ecology starting from the etymological meaning of the term. Participants will be invited to study fundamental concepts such as common goods and individual and collective responsibility towards the House / Earth that hosts us.

Each participant will be invited to produce a text entitled “A consumer’s day”, which will consist in the result of a careful analysis of their behavior, trying to respect the waste of water, energy, food and the production of rubbish. During the leaded direction of this phase of the workshop we will try to stimulate a writing process that consider the comic or surreal situations which we encounter every day. Each participant will be free to use the style and language that best suits their narrative ability, using Italian, dialect, foreign or sign language without any distinction. The texts produced will then be interpreted and returned through the production of short videos.

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