Led by Marcello Sacerdote

The workshop will take place in the presence with a maximum number of 25 participants.


The activities in the presence will take place in Gagliano Aterno (AQ) at the premises of P.zza del Popolo snc – former municipal kindergarten.

The possibility of online participation as listeners through a remote platform is guaranteed.

Reservations are required at the following link both in presence and remotely, as an auditor, specifying it when filling out the registration form. For info at: 3406152344 or 3491357990

In the form it will be necessary to indicate if you need a language facilitator and for which language between: Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Albanian, Romanian, English and French. It is also possible to have the facility in LIS, always booking and indicating the need.


The workshop lasts 15 hours spreaded into several days listed in the calendar.

  DATE  HUNGRY FOR STORIES   Marcello Sacerdote
31/08/21 Tuesday20-22
02/09/21 Thur.20-22
06/09/21  Mon.20-22
09/09/21 Thur.20-22
13/09/21  Mond.20-22
23/09/21  Thur.19-22
27/09/21 Mond.20-22

The workshop is dedicated to adult aged 18 and over and is a theatrical journey around the theme of food culture: eating is much more than a survival instinct or the satisfaction of a biological need. It is a fundamental gesture of human culture, its social structure and its history. It is something that tells us about ourselves.

Through the practice of theater and storytelling, the theme of food will be addressed, starting from personal gastronomic experiences that therefore refer to stories, emotional or family memories, local recipes, culinary traditions, up to broader reflections referring to current events and dimensions of ethical and sustainable development. The goal is to work on the theme in a creative, dialectical, participatory, playful and conscious way, within a training workshop accessible to all. The aim will be to give back to the public the workshop’s result, during a meeting in which participants will be able to share the materials developed throughout the experience.

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