Led by Cristian Zulli

The workshop, lasting 15 hours, will take place ONLINE with a maximum number of 30 participants chosen from the winner of the ideas competition “I’ll tell you about nature”, with the deadline happening the 20 of August, 2021.


The calendar will be decided with the authors of the winning story.

The competition is dedicated at children aged 8 to 10 who can participate in the ideas competition:

– as class V of a school in the regional territory

– as public and private entities that organize summer educational activities

– as individuals

With the constant support and guidance of teachers, educators, families, based on their knowledge and their daily experiences, the participants will be able to free their creativity, trying their hand in producing a text, in the form of a story, indipendently choosing among the various possible declinations (fiction, fable, fairy tale, detective story, adventure, fantasy …).

The rule is… no rules, no limits to the imagination!

To participate, just send a text in the form of a short story by 08/20/2021 ay the email addresses:



taking as a starting point the following themes:

a) “Cycle of waste, correct transfer and recycling of goods at the end of their life: the 4Rs”.

b) “Damage caused by the abandonment of waste in nature and the social, environmental and economic benefits of engaging in responsible and sustainable behavior”.

c) “Alternative uses of food – avoids food waste and more”.

d) “Sustainable development, climate change and circular economy – responsible behaviors to adopt”.

Concluded the theater workshop “I tell you about nature”

September 10, 2021. Project “if you leave me.. It’s not fair! – know and prevent

Concluded the theater workshop “I tell you about nature” conducted by Cristian Zulli and held from 6 to 10 September 2021!

The Comprehensive Institute B. Croce-Paglieta, winner of the competition of ideas with the story “SOS water: Waste or Save”, has school complexes both in the Municipality of Paglieta and in the Municipality of Torino Di Sangro:

the workshop took place in the morning in Paglieta and in the afternoon in Torino di Sangro, allowing both groups to participate. We are satisfied with the commitment of the participants who have given us emotions and, more than anything else, the confidence in self-expression!

IC Paglieta has shown great ability and sensitivity in studying a very important issue: that of respect for the resource of water, fundamental for life!

We concluded the workshop with a moment of sharing with the families, in order to allow them a direct experience of the journey made during the 15 hours of “I tell you about nature”!


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